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Grace was God’s idea!

By Amber Stewart

We must be willing to be honest and open with complete humility in order to heal. Anything held back is a weapon for the enemy to use. Uproot the roots and fill in the ruts. I look forward to our annual beach trip with friends. God does so much during this one week. This year, He moved in my heart in such an unexpected way. It hurt, it was painful, and I definitely didn’t want to do what He was calling me to do, but I did….and I’m grateful for what He’s done in me and is doing in me. I’m so thankful for the people he’s placed in my life that press in and genuinely want to see God move in mighty ways, and I’m beyond blessed with my gift; My Husband. I’m humbled in more ways than one. All God wants from us is obedience. When we’re obedient, vulnerable to His Spirit, and honest, that’s when we will see God move in ways we’d never imagine! I totally forgot I bought this shirt weeks ago, “Grace rewrote my story”. It’s what I came home to and is nothing short of a beautiful reminder from God to me. His timing is perfect. Absolutely perfect in every way!

Never ever forget God sees you. He loves you with a love that’s incomparable to anything or anyone else. He wants ALL of you. He’ll even allow your heart to break and tears to flow to get your attention.

Grace was God’s idea! He rewrote my story and He’ll do the same for you!We don’t have to understand everything, we just need to surrender it all and trust Him.


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