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Christian Brother’s Transition Program (CBTP)

The CBTP is an avenue for men released from incarceration in the greater Fredericksburg, Virginia area to start a new and productive life.  CBTP is the mothership of this jail ministry. Meetings are held every Saturday morning from 9-10:00am at our location at 125 Olde Greenwich Dr. Suite 100, Fredericksburg, Va. 22408. This is where the networking and connections begin. Where the serving begins. Much is accomplished with the connections made Saturday mornings.

The CBTP is a 501(c)3 ministry. We are governed by a Board of Directors which handles our financial and business end of the ministry. We also have Elders which we call Watchmen and Watchwomen. Those are our spiritual leaders overseeing the spiritual well-being of the ministry.

Christian Sister’s Transition Program (CSTP)

The CSTP is the female version of the CBTP.  We are a dynamic group of women serving one another in faith, fellowship, and fun.  The third Monday of each month is our “All About You” night which includes community leaders/speakers, fellowship, and food to share.  Thursday Alive is an evening for workshops and bible studies, etc.; nothing limited by our imagination and desire to become one in fellowship and networking.  Please join us at our Saturday morning meetings to find out more.


Van Ministry for Community Corrections Center (CCC), RRJ

We at CBTP, CSTP and CR are anxiously awaiting the removal of pandemic related rules so we can once again serve inmates from the RRJ at our meetings with the message of hope. Prior to COVID-19, the officials at RRJ allowed us to pick up eligible inmates for our meetings and return them to RRJ afterwards. For more information, follow us on Facebook or Instagram. 


Ready Set Release (RSR) Program

The CBTP and CSTP have a team of volunteers that conduct continuous 10-week classes in the Rappahannock Regional Jail preparing inmates for release.  Upon the completion of the course the inmate receives a certificate of completion. Classes taught are: Anger Management, Parenting, Financial Basics, Job interviewing, Life Plan and Road to Recovery.


Sock Drive for the Rappahannock Regional Jail

Each Christmas season, the CBTP along with area churches, conduct a sock drive for the inmates at the RRJ.  This simple act of service is a broad-reaching blessing to those who are incarcerated.  Imagine winter without warm socks on your feet? 

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